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NEO TWEWY Reintroduces Coco, Has 6 Party Members in Battles


Square Enix offered another update on NEO The World Ends with You characters and gameplay elements. Namely, we now know how a returning Reaper looks and have a better idea of the party size. Coco is looking a little different in NEO TWEWY, not to mention you’ll eventually have up to six party members in fights.

Coco was among multiple NEO TWEWY character reveals, alongside returning characters Ken Doi and Eiji Oji. Coco, who’s voiced by Kitana Turnbull, first showed up in The World Ends with You: Final Remix and engaged in an activity that helped set up certain events in this entry. She’s known for being more cunning than she appears. Ken Doi runs restaurants in the series. In the original game, his place was Ramen Don. In NEO TWEWY, he owns Spicy Curry Don. Eiji Oji is still a trendsetter and celebrity in this entry, just as he was in the original.

Of the latest reveals, two are new characters. One is the streamer Eiru. He admires Eiji after being helped by the celebrity. The other is Ryoji, a handyman who helps out Shibuya.

As for the NEO TWEWY battles, up to six party members can join in. Each one will be equipped with one pin, which is mapped to an action button. While the new screenshots bringing this up don’t show any new characters, they do offer a better look at pins we’ll see in the game. At the moment, the confirmed party members are Rindo, Fret, Minamimoto, and Nagi.

NEO The World Ends with You will come to the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on July 27, 2021, and a demo is available. The PC version will appear on the Epic Games Store in Summer 2021.

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