Neon Genesis Evangelion Water Park Opens in Kyoto

evangelion water park

With the summer heat rising, it’s time to cool off with the Multipurpose Humanoid Decisive Weapon Evangelion Unit-01. The Toei Movie Village theme park has opened up a Neon Genesis Evangelion-themed water park event as of July 16, 2022. The full title of the attraction is “Splash! Evangelion Kyoto Base 2022.” It will consist of two Angels hosing guests with water cannons. Participants will use items like “Eva Ponchos” and “A.T.F. Shields” in order to protect themselves from the spray. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Along with Angels, there will also be a 15-meter tall Evangelion Unit-01 statue present. For those who want some refreshments at the park, Toei Movie Village will offer shaved ice that comes in an appropriately Evangelion-themed cup. It will look like Evangelion Unit-01 forcing its way through an A.T. Field. Each shaved ice will cost 2500 JPY (approximately $18.05).

The Evangelion water park will run at irregular intervals throughout summer. It will be open every weekend from July 16 to September 3, 2022. The exception is July 23 to August 14, in which it will be open every day. You can purchase a rain poncho that resembles Evangelion Unit 01 for 3,480 JPY ($25.15 USD). The kids’ size is 2,480 JPY (about $17.90 USD). As for the A.T.F. Shield, it costs 1000 JPY, which is about $7.20 USD.

This summer, Neon Genesis Evangelion is not the only anime series making waves at the Toei Movie Village. It will also hold a Demon Slayer event from July 23 to October 17, 2022. There, visitors will be able to take pictures with locales resembling the Entertainment District from the second season of the show, as well as play games.

The Neon Genesis Evangelion water park at Toei Movie Village will take place on weekends throughout the summer of 2022. Tickets will cost 2,400 JPY for adults, 1,400 JPY for students, and 1200 JPY for children.

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