Neon Struct’s World Combines Cyberpunk’s Neon Streets With The Surveillance State



David Pittman’s upcoming stealth game Neon Struct takes place in a world that has a neon-and-concrete aesthetic. Through this, it combines the colorful commercialism of cyberpunk with the oppressive architecture of brutalism. It’s all in servitude of depicting a dystopian vision of the modern surveillance state.


In Neon Struct, you play as ex-spy Jillian Cleary, who has been framed for treason. To survive the game’s eight missions you’ll need to stay out of sight by sticking to the shadows. But you’ll also want to use gadgetry to get yourself out of sticky situations such as scrambling your pursuers’ tech-enhanced vision. Tampering in the use of black market stims will also help you to keep ahead of the law.



As you aim to clear your name, you’ll meet up with new and old friends, but the question you need to be constantly asking is: who can I trust? It could be that some people are only out to set you up and get you caught. So you’ll have to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour as you move between contacts, across the grid, and in between the eyes of the world.


Neon Struct will be out for Windows and Mac on May 20th. You can find out more about it on its website.

Chris Priestman