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Neptunia Virtual Stars Kizuna AI DLC Introduced in a New Trailer

Neptunia Virtual Stars Kizuna AI DLC character

Neptunia Virtual Stars is all about the virtual idols, and the world’s most popular one is Kizuna AI. We knew she will soon join the game as a DLC character, and Compile Heart shared a new trailer to give us an introduction to her.

Check out the new trailer below:

The video gives us a first look at the Kizuna AI DLC character model in Neptunia Virtual Stars. In the the game, she finds herself in a new mysterious space. She must retrieve her stolen data in order to return to her world. The DLC will include a “Summer Style” T-shirt costume that says “Kizuna AI” on the front. It will also include her trademark Pyoko-Pyoko pink headband and ribbon as accessories.

Kizuna AI made her Virtual YouTuber debut in November 2016. Now she’s the most popular VTuber on the Internet. Her A.I. Channel has 2.87 million subscribers and A.I. Games has 1.53 million subscribers. Kizuna AI is known for her silly personality and unexpectedly big-brain moments, but for the most part, you’ll catch her dancing about with a big smile on her face. While her English isn’t that great, she always makes an effort to communicate with fans overseas, which has helped her following grow outside of Japan.

Neptunia Virtual Stars is currently available for the PlayStation 4. The Kizuna AI DLC will arrive in Japan on December 10, 2020. The game will release in the West in 2021.

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