imageNamco Bandai’s strategy for anime DVDs is to release them as "Hybrid Discs." Remember how Tekken Hybrid had the movie Tekken: Blood Vengeance and Tekken Tag Tournament HD? In Japan, the .hack movie included a CyberConnect2 fighting game .hack//Versus and Eureka Seven AO: The Flowers of Jungfrau also has an Eureka Seven AO game for PS3.


Nerawareta Gakuen will be released as a Hybrid Disc too, but instead of a game Namco Bandai added a complete art book collection. You’ll get a character art book, collection of illustrations / publicity materials, storyboards, and an anime guide from Ryusuke Hikawa. Altogether, the digital art book collection is 1,700 pages.


The Nerawareta Gakuen Hybrid Disc will be released on June 6 in Japan.

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