Nerd Culture RPG Doom & Destiny Advanced Gets A Free Story Update



Doom & Destiny Advanced has seen its content upped with the arrival of Story Update #2. It’s free to anyone who has already purchased the game.


The update contains a new map zone – the Sands of Time Desert – and also raises the level cap to 40 and adds a sixth inventory tier. The complete list of additions this update brings is below:


  • Escape from the Ethereal Plane. The heroes will finally come back to the world of the living
  • Story chapter “The Sacrifice”. You will face a very difficult choice in order to continue your adventure
  • Meet the Team. The heroes will meet HeartBit Interactive’s dev team
  • Explore a new section of the world: the Sands of Time Desert
  • Explore Benjamin’s house and save him from the Fantasy Mafia
  • Enter in the mistic temple of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and discover its secrets
  • Help Esmeralda and Viola MacGuffin, cooperate together to eliminate the evil Solomon Steel
  • Inventory tier 6 fully unlocked
  • Respec your characters’ abilities
  • Level cap raised to level 40


Doom & Destiny advanced follows four nerds as they sucked into the worlds they imagine while playing a tabletop RPG. You can purchase its Early Access version on Steam, the Windows 8 store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store, the iOS App Store, and the Windows Phone store.

Chris Priestman