Fate Grand Order Spiritron Dresses

Nero and Ushiwakamaru Rock New Spiritron Dresses in Fate/Grand Order

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On April 26, 2021, the Fate/Grand Order: Waltz in the Moonlight/Lostroom collaboration event began in Fate/Grand Order and with it, the last two Spiritron Dresses were revealed. Ushiwakamaru (Rider) and Nero Claudius (Saber) are the final two Servants who have new outfits for this event.

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Ushiwakamaru’s Spiritron Dress is “Psychedelic Ryuuritan.” Despite its name, its colors are quite tame. A “kishu ryuuritan” is a genre of Japanese folklore that focuses on a young god or hero wandering around and overcoming challenges in a foreign land or region. Their adventures force them to mature and ascend to a higher being. This is Ushiwakamaru’s first Spiritron Dress in Fate/Grand Order. However, she has two versions of her in-game: a summer Assassin version from ServaFes and an Avenger “Kagekiyo” version.

Nero Claudius’s Spiritron Dress is “Haran Banjo Rhapsodia.” It is a play on words on the saying “haran banjo,” which can be translated to “tumultuous.” Her outfit can be translated to “Hurricane-Like Wild Lady Rhapsodia.” As opposed to the more formal Spiritron Dresses that Servants like Medb or Jeanne have, Nero’s looks like she is on a day trip to Shibuya. This is Nero’s second Spiritron Dress in Fate/Grand Order after the “Silk of Venus” outfit that went live for the game’s fifth Anniversary.

The Fate/Grand Order: Waltz in the Moonlight/Lostroom collaboration was announced in late March and showed off two new Spiritron Dresses every Tuesday. Aside from twelve new Spiritron Dresses, Aniplex and Delightworks also revealed that players can net a free Foreigner version of MHXA through the event.

Fate/Grand Order is readily available worldwide on mobile devices. However, the Spiritron Dresses and event are currently exclusive to the Japanese server.

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