NES Deluxe Edition Game Dot Kaizoku Is Being Remade For PC And Consoles



According to Tokyo-based studio Dadako, there was an 8-bit platformer released for the NES Deluxe Edition (it came out before the SNES) called “Dot Kaizoku.” Now, the studio is remaking this game for PC and modern consoles under the name Pixel Pirate (thanks TechInAsia).


Dadako showed off Pixel Pirate for the first time in public at Tokyo Indie Fest from May 8th to the 10th on a large screen and a retro controller. “To our great relief Pixel Pirate was widely accepted and at times even generated a queue of players waiting to get in on the action. It was consistently popular over the 3 day event with very little let up for us manning the booth. Feedback from players indicated that the game was accessible to players both young and old, and a real draw for lovers of 8bit and pixel art,” Dadako said.



While we’re unable to go hands-on with the game ourselves, you can check out the preview video of the game above which, as you’ll see is a beautiful tribute to the game’s pixel art origins.


The game starts out in 18th century London, where Pete the pirate gets drunk and loses all of his treasure – the clutz. He then embarks on an adventure to get each piece of his beloved treasure back. Levels vary from green fields, to arid deserts, and pirate ships in the middle of the sea. Along the way there are squids, skeletons, and parrots to combat using Pete’s liberal use of weapons—he’ll chuck anchors, large fish, and shovels at enemies if needs be.



The current plan is to get Pixel Pirate out in the fall 2015. What consoles it may be available on hasn’t been revealed yet. You can keep up with its development on its website.

Chris Priestman