NES-Style Stealth-Based “Spy-Fi” Platformer Master Spy Has A New Demo



TurboGun has updated the Mission 1 demo of its twitchy stealth-based precision platformer Master Spy with new custom background art in each level. There’s also a new pre-beta trailer that shows off how the game looks in Mission 1 through 4.


Master Spy’s world is one of betrayal, intrigue, and conspiracy – the usual for a stealthy spy game. It’s presented with a punchy ‘80s-inspired “spy-fi” soundtrack and has the look of a NES game, with cut-scenes telling the story, and pixel art detailing the corporate towers that you speedily sneak through.


Although stealth is supposedly the method by which you traverse the levels, it’s much more acrobatic and dangerous than what most stealth games focus upon – as said, it’s much more of a platformer than anything else. Your two key abilities are, quite simply, jumping and cloaking with your overcoat.


Master Spy is the kind of game that begs a comparison to Super Meat Boy, only on the grounds that it punishes any slight mistake but should hopefully avoid frustrating you too much due to quick replays after death.


You’ll be avoiding guards, dodging robots, jumping over dogs and tigers, standing still in motion scanners, and ducking under cameras. The usual method of success is failing enough times on a level so that you eventually learn a safe path through, and then just have the problem of pulling it off without hiccup.


You can play the Master Spy demo right here in your browser. The full game will have 50 missions and will be coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s slated for a release this year but, if you ask me, next year is probably more likely. Check out the game’s website for more details.

Chris Priestman