Netflix Anime Previews Godzilla: Singular Point Series

Godzilla Singular Point

Amid a veritable barrage of new series announcements and details, Netflix Anime released the first preview video of Godzilla: Singular Point, a new animated series based on the iconic Japanese movie monster.

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Check out the announcement tweet, sent on October 27, 2020 via the @NXonNetflix account:

First announced early in October, Godzilla: Singular Point is in production as a collaborative effort from two major Japanese anime studios. Studio Bones has produced acclaimed programs like like My Hero Academia and Mob Psycho 100. It’s working with Studio Orange, an outfit notable for CG anime productions like Beastars and Land of the Lustrous.

The preview shows off cuts from the series, including various Kaiju animated in CG, including a mecha that looks a lot like Jet Jaguar, a humanoid robot from 1973’s Godzilla vs. Megalon. Godzilla itself is shrouded by red mist, only the mouth and telltale atomic glow visible. Other shots include protagonists Mei, Yun, and more.

Atsushi Takahashi, credited the Blue Exorcist films, is directing Godzilla: Singular Point. Character designs will be supplied by Blue Exorcist creator Kazue Kato, and music by Yowamushi Pedal composer Kan Sawada. Eiji Yamamori will provide Kaiju designs, while sci-fi author Toh EnJoe will supervise and create scripts.

Netflix also indicated a release window for the series. It will debut on Tokyo MX in Japan and Netflix in April of 2021.

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