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Never Stop Sneakin’ – A Stealth Parody Of Metal Gear Solid


Never Stop Sneakin’ is an absurd parody of Metal Gear Solid, tasking players with guiding their secret agent character through an ever-changing arctic base to save all of the US Presidents from a time-travelling madman.


Never Stop Sneakin’ will have players skulking through the base, trying to avoid detection, but the game does many thinks to pick up the pace of the normally more plodding genre. Players just have to walk into an unaware guard to take them out, and should they get caught, their character will automatically fire a round to take them out. What’s more important is that the player try to maneuver through the level quickly to run into guards who aren’t looking, creating a stealth experience that emphasizes speed and smart movements.

Never Stop Sneakin’ draws from Metal Gear Solid’s over-the-top storytelling and early polygon look to create a silly adventure for players to go through, pitting them against the machinations of Amadeus Guildenstern, the vampiric Dr. Acula, and the sinister Vice President Helicopter (who is a helicopter). Players who enjoyed the PS1 stealth title will find many nods and key moments aped within Never Stop Sneakin’, all while dealing with a newly-generated enemy base on each run.


Never Stop Sneakin’ is available now on the Switch through the Nintendo eShop.

Alistair Wong
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