neverdeaddlc2Pre-order NeverDead and you’ll get extra abilities to power up Bryce. The Cowardly Word skill sharpens Bryce’s tongue giving him more witty remarks. Desperate gives him a damage bonus when he loses limbs. Both of these abilities come with NeverDead if you reserve the game at GameStop.


Amazon has two abilities that should make NeverDead easier. Heavy Limbs prevents Bryce’s appendages from flying far away, which will make recovering them easier. Hard Smash bumps up the damage when Bryce kicks or headbutts demons. You can get Quick Reload and Seduction abilities if you pick up NeverDead at Best Buy.


While Konami have announced these extra abilities as pre-order bonuses, it’s unclear if Konami will release or sell these after NeverDead comes out on January 31.

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