New Animal Crossing: New Horizons Trading Cards Include Merengue and Rosie

Animal Crossing trading cards

Bandai Candy has released its second line of Animal Crossing: New Horizons trading cards and gummies. They are available in Japanese supermarkets and other stores that sell candy. Each packet of fruit-flavored gummies comes with two cards: a villager card and a key visual card. There are 25 villagers and two types of key visual cards, making for a total of 27 variations of cards. They are 110 JPY on the Bandai Candy website. [Thanks, GAME Watch!]

There is a total of 25 villagers in the second Animal Crossing: New Horizons trading cards and gummies set of goods. You can view the list of villagers here:

The front of the Animal Crossing trading card is a full-body shot of the villager as they stand in front of the island. There is also a postage stamp design featuring a butterfly and a flower. The stamp’s date is the corresponding villager’s birthday. The villager’s gender and species is labelled above their name.

The back of the card is more personalized. It gives a quote from the villager (including their signature catchphrase), their name, star sign, species, personality, and birthday. They also give a “rumor” at the bottom of the card that is more or less a gameplay tip. For example, Megan’s rumor informs you that you can get Nook Miles if you send five letters to a villager.

There is currently no news of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons trading cards and gummies coming to North America. However, the Sanrio amiibo cards that will unlock Sanrio-themed characters in-game will appear at Target via order pickup and drive-up.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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