Gust added more adventures to New Atelier Rorona. On top of having Totori and Meruru in your party, Rorona can enter the Makina Domain, a DLC dungeon from Atelier Meruru, and a powered up Liechtein Soehnle from Atelier Totori called the Ancient Tower of Abyss in New Atelier Rorona. The Ancient Tower of Abyss has underwater areas so you have to watch the air gauge on the left and find air bubbles to keep going.


newat-07 newat-03


The Orthogalaxen dungeon has additional maps and Makina Domain has changes too.


newat-05 newat-04  newat-02 newat-06


Players will fight a new boss called Twin Mask in New Atelier Rorona.

newat-08 newat-13 newat-12 newat-11 newat-10 newat-09


Atelier series artist Mel Kishida made new illustrations for the game like Rorona wearing an outfit sent through a time capsule.



The time capsule is a new gameplay feature in New Atelier Rorona. You can put items inside and 10 days later you’ll get different materials back. The items you get will change if you have save data from other Atelier titles on your device.

newat-14 newat-19 newat-18 newat-17 newat-16 newat-15


New Atelier Rorona also has a message log feature and an event replay option. The game also supports Cross Save…

newat-20 newat-23 newat-22 newat-21


… and you can’t have an Atelier remake without new costumes so Gust created Bomb Bikini and Fool’s Tear outfits for Lionela.


newat-39 newat-45 newat-44 newat-43 newat-42 newat-41 newat-40


newat-33 newat-34 newat-29 newat-30 newat-27 newat-28 newat-31 newat-32 newat-35 newat-38 newat-37 newat-36

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