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New Atelier Rorona Screenshots Show Off Battles, Atelier Astrid Story



    New Atelier Rorona is an upcoming remake of Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland, but with the entire game in chibi-style. Here’s another look with screenshots.


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    The above is a look at some screenshots showing the world of Atelier Rorona in chibi-style. It will support the 3D function of the handheld console.


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    Battles start out with symbol encounters that seamlessly transfer into a grid-based battle area. The grid was made to make things easier for controlling your party members and placing them where you want in combat. It also makes it easier to see the range of attacks.


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    And yes, even though the characters are in super-deformed fashion, they can still kick some butt.


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    The “Atelier Astrid” mode unlocks after meeting certain conditions in New Atelier Rorona. This mode revolves around the earlier life of Astrid and Sterk, and will tell stories like what led Astrid into taking Rorona on as her pupil.


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    Atelier Astrid has a completely original story scenario, including its own fights where you’ll get to play as the two characters. Just in case you’re wondering, Astrid is still as powerful as ever.


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    And let’s not forget forget the young Sterk. It’ll be pretty funny to see how he got along with Rorona back in the day as well.


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    As far as game’s flow goes, it doesn’t change too much from the original version, so fans can rest assured that the looks are the only big changes to the game.


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    First-print copies of the game will include a Nintendo 3DS theme for the game. There will also be a Premium Box set for New Atelier Rorona that will include metallic character charms and lens cloth. More details will be revealed in the near future.


    New Atelier Rorona will release in Japan on March 26, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.

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