New Bleach One Shot Manga to Appear in Shonen Jump

New Bleach One Shot Manga

A new Bleach one shot manga will appear in an upcoming volume of Shonen Jump to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series. Series creator Tite Kubo will pen the seventy-three page manga. Additionally, the manga will feature a colored page. This one shot will appear in the August 10, 2021 volume of Shonen Jump. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Tite Kubo shared an illustration of series protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki, from the upcoming manga through his official Twitter. This version features shorter hair and a more mature look. Kubo also revealed that the upcoming issue will feature some commentary from the series creator himself. You can take a look at the new illustration of Ichigo below.

According to a synopsis, this new one shot will primarily be about Ichigo. However, any additional details regarding the manga have yet to be revealed.

In October 2020, Burn the Witch released to the Crunchyroll streaming service. The film is based on spinoff series set in the Bleach universe. Originally a one shot set in the Bleach universe, Burn the Witch expanded upon the idea of organizations like the Soul Society existing in other countries. This one shot stars Ninny and Noel, two witches who work for Wing Blind in Reverse London.

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