New Chrono Trigger Album Explores The Game’s Soundtrack Through Piano



Pianist Trevor Gomes has re-imagined several tracks from Chrono Trigger with Chrono Trigger: Piano Collections, an album that explores the soundtrack through piano.




Inspired by the Final Fantasy Piano Collection, Gomes’ album works through several different styles, from jazz to rock to classical to J-pop, trying out various genres with each new track. Through ten tracks, the album looks to cover the full scope of the game’s moods, emotions, and story.


Chrono Trigger: Piano Collections is the first of several planned piano arrangements from Materia Collective, a label that specializes in releasing original video game soundtracks, as well as re-interpretations of classic video game soundtracks.


Chrono Trigger: Piano Collections is available on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify.

Alistair Wong
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