Could This Be A New Clue For Square Enix’s Upcoming Light Novel-Style RPG?



    Square Enix recently revealed a new “light novel-style RPG” that is in the works, featuring a cast of over 25 high-profile voice actresses in the mix. Following that, they recently uploaded a video featuring the voice and sounds of a “new game,” which sounds like it could be the RPG in question.



    While the trailer doesn’t show any footage, it recites several lines from characters that will give you an idea of the kind of drama that will unfold in the upcoming game.


    Here’s a look at the translations of what’s being voiced out in the video:


    “The flow of time in this place is different compared to where we’re from…”


    “It means that things such as common sense no longer have any use, whatsoever, around here.”


    “Please, just send me back to the normal world.”


    “Even now, numerous members continue to fight secretly.”


    “I’ll take it down! Regardless of what happens to my body!”


    “This is where I belong!”


    “I always believed that you’d return!”


    “Up until now, I’ve always longed to have someone change this world.”


    “No matter how important something is to you, they can still be lost.”


    “Do you think even someone such as myself could be of use to the team?”


    “I… just want you to watch over me.”


    “Because if I don’t kill… I’ll be killed myself.”


    “When this fight is over, I’d like to do the things I’ve been wanting to do.”


    Additionally, Square Enix recently opened a new site for this mystery game, with the title of “Stellaprisma” in the link.

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