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New Danganronpa V3 Samples Its Soundtrack, Pre-Order Bonus PSN Avatars For Digital Copies



Spike Chunsoft recently released a new video for New Danganronpa V3, giving us a sample of its soundtrack. They also shared a peek at PSN avatars that come with digital pre-orders.


The above video is a sample of the soundtrack and cast comment CD that comes with the game’s limited edition version.



The above is a peek at the bonus PSN avatar that comes included with digital pre-orders on the PlayStation Store. The set includes a total of 22 avatars, and will be available for download the day of the game’s release. Pre-ordering the game will also let you play the game at midnight when it releases, and will be available in Japan on PS4 for 7,192 yen and PS Vita for 6,220 yen.


New Dangranronpa V3 releases in Japan on January 12, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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