New Dark Souls Figure Turns Solaire of Astora Into a Chibi

Dark Souls Solaire figure

Figure makers Emon Toys announced a new Dark Souls figure of Solaire of Astora, as part of their deformed action figure series. The price of the figure is 8,580 yen (roughly $66), and it is scheduled to release sometime in May 2023. The figure includes multiple attachments, such as different sets of hands, weapons, and items from Dark Souls. [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

This new Solaire of Astora figure is a reproduction of the same figure that Emon Toys previously produced, albeit with its sized increased this time around. The new Solaire figure will be 11cm, or 4.5 inches tall. The body of the figure has multiple joints that allow for different poses. This way people can reproduce the iconic “Praise the Sun” emote. The figure includes a plethora of items, such as a bonfire, Solaire’s sword and shield, an Estus flask, the Sunlight Maggot helmet, a Sunlight Spear spell effect, different sets of hands, and even a lower set of legs for Solaire to sit.

You can check out the Solaire of Astora figure in more detail below:

This figure is the third in Emon Toys’ line of Deformed Action Figure for the Dark Souls series. The previous two Dark Souls figures that Emon Toys produced are of Farron Keep’s Abyss Watchers, and the Nameless King, both iconic bosses from Dark Souls 3. You can check out other Emon Toys products in their official website.

You can pre-order the new Solaire of Astora figure from Emon Toys’ Amazon Japan store. In the past, Emon Toys have also produced figures of Persona 5’s Panther, and xxxHOLiC’s Yuuko.

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