New Dejiko 3D Model Makes YouTuber Debut

Dejiko 3D Model

Broccoli unveiled its new 3D model of Di Gi Charat‘s Dejiko as part of the character’s YouTuber debut. In a short pre-recorded video, the character introduced herself to fans and showed off her new model and room. The new YouTuber project will be active for a limited time, and the next episode will air sometime in the near future. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

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Notably, the five-minute-long video features a high-quality Dejiko model rendered with full-body motion. Dejiko wears her signature maid costume from the original Di Gi Charat anime. The room in her background also features plenty of references from the original anime series. At one point, the video pans around to show the bedroom, revealing an Akihabara train station sign and Dejiko’s own PC. Di Gi Charat creator Koge Tombo supervised the creation of both the 3D model and background.

You can check out the Dejiko 3D model debut episode below.

The limited-time YouTube channel is part of the Reiwa Di Gi Charat project. The primary goal of the YouTube channel is to promote the new Reiwa Di Gi Charat mini anime series in development. However, Dejiko also stated that publisher Broccoli is accepting offers from companies looking to advertise. In the debut episode, Dejiko even showed off an acrylic stand of Iori Yagami from the King of Fighters series. Additionally, Broccoli is open to fan suggestions outside of daily uploads and livestreams.

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