New Details On God Eater 3’s Main Protagonist And Fields


GE3 5

Bandai Namco recently shared several new screenshots of the upcoming God Eater 3, and now more information has been given regarding the protagonist of the game, as well as the fields and new systems at play. [Thanks, Famitsu.]


GE3 2 GE3 3 GE3 4

The key visual for the main protagonist, was revealed on the God Eater 3 website. Not only does he use a dual bladed God Arc, furthermore unlike other God Arc users up until now he also wears two rings on his arms, which seemingly handcuff him. His clothes are quite visibly tattered, and the Fenrir emblem on his cape is cracked. It seems that this characters position differs quite a bit from previous protagonists.


New fields:

GE3 6 GE3 7

The sun glares mercilessly down onto this jagged canyon which serves as a field. Several jutting rocks are cracked and glow from the inside, as if it is being corroded from within. There are several man-made structures to be seen here and there.


GE3 8 GE3 9

The field of ruined buildings is encapsulated by the grey sky. The toppled buildings have large holes in them that glow ominously, like they are being contaminated. There is no sign of human life.


New Aragami:

GE3 10 GE3 11

GE3 12 GE3 13

GE3 14

The new Aragami that was showcased in screenshots before has been fully revealed. It using furious biting attacks in order to eat players, which can cause huge damage to players. If eaten, the Aragami shifts from a four-legged style of movement to a bipedal stance that allows for even more brutal attacks. The attack motions change greatly, so its best to prepare different tactics for each form.


GE3 15

By combining the grips for the two blades, the Protagonist’s God Arc can form a two-handed blade instead. For some reason, Oracle cells are spewing from the Protagonist’s right arm. Whether this is due to Burst mode or some other reason has yet to be revealed.


GE3 16 GE3 17

The God Eater series’ signature flashy action is very much present in this game. For Gun form, there is a new category of weapon where you can shoot lasers. Meanwhile, the shining slash attack by the Protagonist is seen overpowering the Aragami.


Other new Aragami details to be revealed:

GE3 18 GE3 19 GE3 20

As seen in the first trailer, there are several new more fearsome Aragami that roam the new field, which will be covered later on.


God Eater 3 is currently in development for home consoles.

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