New Digimon Adventure Film Releases Early Spring 2020 In Japan, Here’s Its First Teaser Image



Last May a new Digimon anime project was revealed to be in the works just before the conclusion of Digimon Adventure tri.’s final chapter, and today we got a look at its very first teaser image.


Here’s a look at the full image:


The above image featuring Taichi and Agumon was illustrated by character designer Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, who made it based on a certain scene from the movie. The tweet also mentions to “Please remember Taichi and Agumon this way until the movie releases.”


We don’t know much else about the movie, but in the previous teaser it had a message stating that “The Adventure further evolves.” More information will be shared on a later date.


Here’s a look at the characters from an earlier V-Jump issue:


The film is expected to feature all of the original characters who are now around 22-years-old.


Digimon Adventure the Movie (tentative) will launch in Japan in early Spring 2020.

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