Nintendo 3DS

New Digimon And Area Revealed For Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode


June’s edition of V-Jump has revealed a couple new Digimon for the upcoming Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode on the Nintendo 3DS, as well as a new area.


It is no surprise that DORUmon will be around, considering one of the new scenarios is about the X-Antibody. Its evolution line has been confirmed to be DORUgamon, DORUgremon, and Alphamon, the last of which is one of the Royal Knights. Alphamon is a Holy Knight Digimon said to be able to “deter” anyone’s attacks.


(Note: Other sources say this refers to his ability to “revisit past battles instantaneously, so while it may seem that Alphamon’s attacks are over in an instant, you don’t know for sure the exact number of attacks it has performed, which means that, in theory, the enemy would only see the final blow before it is defeated.”)


The second new Digimon revealed is one new to the franchise. RustTyrannomon, named due to its red-brown rust-covered body, is the final evolution of the Tyrannomon line, which includes Tyrannomon and MetalTyrannomon. This Digimon appears to be an ally of the protagonist in one of the screenshots.


Finally, the new area in the game is a mansion by the name of DoReMiFa Manor. You can recruit Digimon from the city or from the field, and as you recruit more Digimon, the mansion upgrades. The Digimon living there may ask favors (perhaps like the usual quests?) and you will be rewarded upon completing them.