New Digimon Project To Be Revealed On July 21, Special Live Stream Event On July 29



Bandai Namco announced that it is hosting a “Digimon Thanksgiving 2018 Special Meeting & Latest Game Newsflash” on July 29, 2018. Before that, we’ll also get info on a new Digimon project on July 21.


The Digimon Thanksgiving 2018 –Special Meeting in Odaiba will feature an introduction for the new Digimon game project as well as other news for the series. While the event will have info on the new project, it’ll be revealed earlier in the September issue of V-Jump magazine that will be available in Japan on July 21. That said, we might get information earlier than that if details from the magazine leak ahead of time.


As for the Digimon Thanksgiving 2018 live stream, it’ll be available to check out on YouTube and NicoNico Live on July 29, 2018. It is expected to run from 7:00pm to 10:45pm JST.


The broadcast will be split into several parts. The Digimon Thanksgiving part will feature talk from the special guests, the Game Introduction part will feature the producer of the new Digimon projet who will answer questions from the fans and also share info on Digimon smartphone games and goods.


Lastly, there will be an Anime Part that features talk about the anime with other special guests and producers. Perhaps we’ll hear what seemed to be a new Digimon anime project that was teased a couple months ago.


We previously learned that a new Digimon project is in the works. While it seemed like it would be a new Digimon Story game, but producer Kazumasa Habu mentioned back in May that it won’t from the Digimon Story or Digimon World, but something new and different they’re trying out.

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