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New Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Girl Trailer Gives A Glimpse Of Classic Mode



New Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Girl will be all about options and customization. Players will get to pick their own skills for party members and choose between the regular and Classic Mode for the story. shows off a new trailer with all the new features in the second volume of the game play video series.



The Grimoire are stones that contain skills and can be equipped on any character. They will have skills from other characters or classes and over 200 enemy skills that can be acquired when you see “Grimoire Chance” flashing on the screen.


We recently took a peek at the Guild House, where the guild keeper will be helping out adventurers in various ways. If you become more friendly with the guild keepers, they’ll help you out in more ways.



Some may have previously felt that it’s a little tedious having to draw out your maps as you travel, while others appreciated the aspect. In Millennium Maiden, you’ll have the option of the “Auto-Map,” which will do the drawing for you.


In addition to the various gameplay options such as three different difficulty settings and switching BGM modes between old and new, the game’s tempo has also gotten an optional adjustment, as you can now speed up the adventuring parts along with their battles if you’d rather get things done quickly.



Finally, Classic Mode is where you’ll get to experience a traditional Etrian Odyssey by being able to make your own party. There will also be some new features to this mode, where you can check out the details in our previous report.


New Etrian Odyssey: Millennium Girl comes out on June 27 for Nintendo 3DS.


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