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New Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 Scans


Jeux-France seems to be on a roll. First, they had some nifty scans for It’s A Wonderful World; now they have some more scans for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2: The Sealed Grimoire. Though there isn’t exactly a concrete release date for FFTA2 in Japan or in the U.S., the idea of even knowing this game exists is good enough. Some people found comfort in the original Tactics Advance because of how deep it was in terms of character customization and mission value; others found it to be a moderate disappointment because of what Final Fantasy Tactics had already established.


These scans show more of the game’s protagonists Luso and Adel and also shows the inhabitants of the game’s world as well as some story tidbits. No word on how the game’s battle system will function, but I’m sure we can expect the same gameplay as Final Fantasy Tactics Advance with a few tweaks and new abilities.


ffta2scan.jpg ffta2scan2.jpg

ffta2scan3.jpg ffta2scan4.jpg

ffta2scan5.jpg ffta2scan6.jpg ffta2scan7.jpg ffta2scan8.jpg

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