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New Final Fantasy XIV Wasshoi Emote Will Have You Ready to Celebrate

Final Fantasy XIV New Emote Wasshoi

A new Final Fantasy XIV emote is immediately available to purchase through the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store. This new Final FanTasy XIV emote, titled “Wasshoi” takes direct inspiration from Japanese festivals. Additionally, Square Enix has provided a short video through the official Final Fantasy XIV YouTube channel to showcase the emote. The Wasshoi emote is available to purchase for $7 through the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store.

So far, this is the only recent addition to the online shop. However, other items are currently available. The Valentione’s sets from previous celebrations are currently available to purchase through the shop. This includes both the Women’s Valentoine Rose attire and the Men’s Valentoine Rose attire as well. These sets come in a total of three different colored variants.

You can watch the Final Fantasy XIV Wasshoi emote showcase video below.

Additionally, the Eastern Lady Errant’s and Easter Lord Errant’s attire are available to purchase. This is the most recent new cosmetic item to appear in the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store. Both options are immediately available and feature unique attire for both male and female player avatars.

Final Fantasy XIV is immediately available for PC and PlayStation 4. A PlayStation 5 beta test is scheduled for April 13, 2021.

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