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New Final Fantasy XV DLC Gives Noctis A Trendy Outfit



Final Fantasy XV has received a new installment of free DLC on both the PlayStation Store and the Xbox Store. This time, Noctis gets a new “Trendy Outfit” via three different items: the Behemoth souvenir jacket, the King of Lucis pendant, and the Caelum watch.


The Behemoth jacket was originally made to be a part of a 7-Eleven collaboration event in Japan to promote FFXV. The jacket cost 35,000 yen while the real-life versions of the Caelum watch were priced at 250,000 yen for the Chronograph models and 150,000 for the less expensive models. Additionally, four versions of the King of Lucis pendants were made with various materials, priced from 15,000 yen to 155,556 yen.


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While the real-life models of these items are likely hard to find now as they were limited-time promotional items, at the very least you can now get your hands on the in-game versions at no charge.


Final Fantasy XV is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.