New Fire Emblem Heroes Dragalia Lost Event Coming in April 2020

fire emblem heroes dragalia lost event 1

Fire Emblem Heroes Dragalia Lost events are coming back. At the end of the Dragalia Digest 1.5-Year Anniversary presentation, it was confirmed that both the original event and an entirely new one will arrive in April 2020.

The original Fire Emblem Heroes Dragalia Lost event, Lost Heroes, will show up on April 19, 2020. This will bring back both the unique gameplay mode and the Summon Showcase that will let people recruit Fjorm, Marth, and Veronica. Participating in the event will give people a five-star Alfonse. In addition, the Mana Spirals for all four characters will unlock once the event is live.

After revealing the old event’s return, the new Fire Emblem Heroes Dragalia Lost event is teased. We see the scene that shows Alfonse and Euden clasping hands in friendship as Fjorm looks on. It reminds people that they would meet again once more. Then, the classic Fire Emblem fanfare plays and we’re told that the otherworldly gate will open again and bring the new event at the end of April 2020. No characters are shown or teased.

Here’s the full Dragalia Lost 1.5-Year Anniversary Dragalia Digest. The Fire Emblem announcement comes at the 17:05 point.

Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

Jenni Lada
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