New Footage Releases For Dungeon Crawler/Visual Novel Undead Darlings



    New footage showcasing one of the dungeons and some of the character interactions of visual novel/dungeon crawler Undead Darlings has released.



    The mall dungeon is currently empty, using placeholders to show where monsters and treasures would go. The much longer character interaction video shows several exchanges between many of the characters, giving a sense of how the flow of dialogue will work between them, as well as the game’s sense of humor.




    In the post-apocalyptic world of Undead Darlings, Reggie Happenstahnce is the son of the scientist who found a cure for the zombie virus afflicting the world’s population. Reggie needs to mass-produce the cure, and can only do so with the help of a group of girls who have half-turned into undead. Together, they’ll fight in turn-based combat, their lighthearted story unravelling in a visual novel style.

    Alistair Wong
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