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New Gameplay And Development Details On Mega Man 11


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Mega Man 11 was announced as 2018 game, and during the same livestream it was also revealed that Game Informer would have new details about the upcoming game starring the Blue Bomber. Thanks to several summaries of the feature, we now know a bit more about the process of greenlighting and developing the new game. [Thanks, Game Informer and Rockman Corner]




– The game will feature 8 Robot Masters, which can be challenged in any order, as usual.

Mega Man 9 & 10 were inspired by the 8-bit games, while this is a more modern anime look thanks to Yuji Ishihara’s style. However, Game Informer notes that the controls are as tight as ever.


rockman 11


– As can be seen above, there are four difficulty modes available. (Note: This screenshot is from an older version, as Mega Man 11 has a subtitle in Japan)

– The camera has been zoomed out to give a better view compared to past games.

– The change in armor Mega Man has this time around is based off of concepts tossed around in the development of Mega Man 1.

– Capcom are toying around with mapping the Slide to a button as an option for newer players. Mega Man’s weapons can also be swapped using the Right Stick as a weapon wheel.

– The Gear icons are a new ‘game-changing’ mechanic.



Mega Man 11 Producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya said that it was hard for Capcom staff to speak up about working on Mega Man after Keiji Inafune left. Nobody knew how to fill his role, which was essentially the brand’s leader.

– Koji Oda, Director of Mega Man 11, received the greenlight for this project, but in the last seven years there were several new pitches for Mega Man games.


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– One of the screenshots show Mega Man taking on a form that looks like Mega Man Starforce. Game Informer did not elaborate on this.

– There is a screenshot of Rush Jet being used, confirming that Rush Coil is not the only tool the dog companion will get.


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– Brick Man was the development name for the first Robot Master shown off, but his name has since been changed.


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– The developers first tested the artstyle by redesigning their favorite stages from Mega Man 5 to Mega Man 10 in Ishihara’s style.

– The Robot Masters are formerly allied with Dr. Light.

– Robot Master weapons will have multiple functions, such as a weapon that can be used as a mid-air dash attack.

Mega Man 11 does not have a female Robot Master, although there was one that did not make the cut after pairing the weapons.


Mega Man 11 is currently slated for a 2018 release date on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam.

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