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New Gundam Breaker Details Efreet Custom, Psycommu Test Zaku II, And G-Self Perfect Pack


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Bandai Namco shared new information about New Gundam Breaker, showing off three new suits that are being added to this game, as well as their individual part abilities. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Efreet Custom

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A suit that focuses on high-speed movement and the EXAM system.


Head – EXAM System: Increases unit movement speed for a limited time.

Body – Field Defensor: Increases defense of unit and allies for a limited time. HP also is regained slowly over time.

Arms – Arm Grenade Launcher: Attacks locked-on targets.

Legs – Leg Missile Pod: Shoots out micro-missiles at the target.

BP – Action Boost: Increases unit movement speed for a limited time.


Psycommu Test High Mobility Type Zaku

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A wildcard unit with high mobility but also long range attacks. It also has regenerative abilities.


Head – Psycommu: Increases speed using the Psycommu unit.

Body – Psycho Field: Emits a barrier that reduces beam and physical attack damage for a period of time.

Arms – Wired quadruple-mounted Mega-beam cannon: The arms of the unit are shot out at a target, and fires beams from multiple angles.

Legs – Rocket Boost: Increases speed using the thermonuclear engine for a period of time.

BP – Hyper Boost Tackle: A full-force tackle attack.


G-Self Perfect Pack

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A balanced unit with many attack skills and defense skills. While a formidable unit, players have to watch out for enemies snatching parts and using the skills for themselves.


Head – Head Vulcan: A machinegun attack that strikes at any enemy directly in front of the player unit. It can also be used while moving.

Body – Photon Shield: Shoots a laser, then opens up a barrier that stuns nearly enemies for a short period.

Arms – High Torque Punch: A strong melee attack.

Legs – Open Light: Releases light particles from the Photon Battery that disables any enemies that touch it for a short while.

BP – Traffic Fin: Shoots guided missiles at the enemy.

BP – Assault Mode: Shoots a giant beam towards the enemy.

BP – Reflector Mode: Reduces beam and physical damage.

Photon Armored Shield – Shield Strike: Attacks with the equipped shield.


New Gundam Breaker releases in Japan on June 21 for PlayStation 4. It’ll release in the Americas and Europe on June 22 for PS4 and PC. You can watch its latest English trailer here.

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