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New Gundam Breaker Will Have All Previously Playable Mobile Suits Plus New Units But No SD Gundams



New Gundam Breaker is bringing some changes to the Gunpla action game with 3v3 co-op battles with real-time customizations. The developers shared more details on  how the game works in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Hachima.]


  • New Gundam Breaker has co-op, but you can also play competitively with 3v3 team battles.


  • When you think of team battles other Gundam games might come to mind, but New Gundam Breaker will show a clear distinction.


  • The objective themes are presented in Sports Day-like fashion, where you take on missions for the objective themes to acquire points.


  • For example you’ll be tasked with destroying a number of opposing forces, a number of containers, or even a giant mobile armor.


  • Some objectives will simply have you destroy the enemy team.


  • The single-player story mode will have more volume than ever. To give you an idea, it won’t be as serious as Gundam Breaker 2 but more along the lines of Gundam Breaker 3.


  • Each Gunpla part will come with an EX Skill.


  • In the battles you’ll get to customize using parts acquired during battle with the real-time customization battle system. For example, when there’s a powerful enemy on the opposing team you can attack and attack them to remove their parts and use it for yourself. Doing so weakens the opponents while powering yourself up.


  • This time there won’t be a function that automatically regenerates Gunpla parts that are removed. This time you’ll have an “inner-frame” which acts as the framework for the Gunpla, so even if your unit’s arms and legs are removed it won’t be completely disabled.


  • Since you can stock up acquired parts, you’ll be able to help out allies by dropping parts for them.


  • Unfortunately there won’t be any SD Gundams this time.


  • However, all playable Gunpla units from previous Gundam Breaker games will be in. There will also be new Gunpla units.


  • Bandai Namco is considering DLC, but if they do it, it’ll be more than simply offer new units for money.


New Gundam Breaker releases worldwide in 2018 for PlayStation 4. You can check out the game’s first footage in our previous report. You can also check here for the latest screenshots and details on what’s new.

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