New Gundam Seed Project to Appear in July

New Gundam Seed Project

An announcement concerning a new Gundam Seed project will appear sometime in late July. However, information regarding the project is extremely scare. The only currently known information is that a future issue of the Monthly Gundam Ace magazine will reveal more details regarding the project. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089!]

As previously mentioned, details will remain scarce until more information comes with the release of the mentioned magazine issue. Additionally, there is no indication of what this new Gundam Seed project will be. The leak does mention, however, that it does not seem like it will be a new manga.

In related news, plenty of Gundam content has released or been teased within the past few months. In April 2021, the staff for the upcoming live action Gundam film was announced. The upcoming Netflix adaptation of the series will feature Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Vogt-Roberts will direct and produce the film. Information regarding the movie still remains limited. There is no indication on what arc or series will be adapted into the live action film.

Additionally, in May 2021, the soundtrack for Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack was released to Spotify and iTunes. Consumers can stream the soundtrack through either platform. The soundtrack features a total of fifteen songs from Char’s Counterattack.

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