New Honkai: Star Rail Companion Missions Detailed

New Honkai: Star Rail Companion Missions Detailed
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When the 1.1 update for Honkai: Star Rail arrives, Companion Missions for Bailu, Luocha, Silver Wolf, and Yanqing will appear. HoYoVerse also went over all of them, explaining the rewards that come with them and various unlock requirements when applicable. In the case of all of them, however, they’ll appear immediately after the June 7, 2023 patch goes out.

Of the four, the Silver Wolf “Punklorde Mentality” Honkai: Star Rail Companion Mission is the least demanding. It only requires someone to hit Trailblaze level 21. The Bailu, Luocha, and Yanqing ones all require you to finish the The Xianzhou Luofu: Humming Antlers, Entwined Horns Trailblaze Mission. Once you get through that story quest, you’ll get text messages from characters to kick off their storylines.

The rewards also tend to be fairly similar across Companion Missions. Each of them involves Trailblaze EXP, Stellar Jades, Traveler’s Guides, Refined Aethers, and Credits. However, the Bailu, Luocha, and Yanqing ones also award new Phonograph records so you have more songs to play on the Astral Express.

Here’s the full list of new Honkai: Star Rail Companion Missions in 1.1:

  • ”Evanesce Like the Morning Dew” (Bailu)
  • ”Frosty Blade’s Trial” (Yanqing)
  • ”A Knight Stranger” (Luocha)
  • ”Punklorde Mentality” (Silver Wolf)

Honkai: Star Rail is available for PCs and mobile devices, and the Silver Wolf Starhunt event runs June 7-26, 2023. PS4 and PS5 versions of the game are in development.

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