New Hunter x Hunter Action RPG By Tencent Is In Development For Smartphones

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Tencent got the license to make a Hunter x Hunter smartphone action RPG that was shown off at ChinaJoy 2018, featuring your own Nen-user as the protagonist with Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio.


You can check out some of its gameplay in the off-screen footage in the above video.


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The game not only features characters from Hunter x Hunter, but it’ll also have iconic scenes from the anime, reproduced with 3D models made for the game.


The demo from ChinaJoy 2018 features a story mode that takes place from the beginning of the series where Gon goes on a journey to take on the Hunter Exams and meets Kurapika and Leorio on the ship.



Fans of the series might remember the little quarrel between Kurapika and Leorio at the beginning. At this part in the game, players will have to choose between either one of them before going into a battle. Since active skills are different for each character, it brings a different play style to the table while playing as other characters.


The player character is an original Nen-user protagonist who watches the events unfold from their own perspective. When creating the character, you’ll get to select the Nen type, or class. Battles are done in side-scroller fashion with active skills based on your Nen abilities.


We’ll get to see story parts told from different perspectives other than that of Gon’s, but no other characters were confirmed from the demo. We can expect to see more story parts and characters added over time.


The new Hunter x Hunter game is expected to launch in China in August 2018 for iOS and Android.

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