New Inazuma Eleven Teaser Revealed, Some Hints On What’s To Come



Level-5 president and CEO Akihiro Hino has been teasing a new Inazuma Eleven game, and he has provided a few more details in a couple recent tweets.


Upon showing off the above image, he said “this is a hint for ‘I-’ er, I guess it’s more of an answer lol. But let’s try to guess it.”


He then followed up with a few more details on what’s to come:


“This time around, it’ll be something straightforward and hot-blooded that goes back to the origin of ‘I.’ There won’t be any incarnations or time traveling (it’s not a laughing matter lol) but there will be some new work to it, and I believe it’ll surprise you. Look forward to it! Oh, and also, just to throw it out there, it won’t be a pro league story.”


Level-5 is currently preparing for their “Level-5 Vision 2016” event, which has yet to be announced. We’ll likely hear an official announcement for the new Inazuma Eleven game at the event.

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