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New Inazuma Enemies in Genshin Impact Include Pyro Hypostasis


miHoYo has released a Hoyolab article regarding monsters that will appear in the upcoming Inazuma region for Genshin Impact. Inazuma will go live in Version 2.0, which will become available for players from July 21, 2021. The monsters introduced are: the Pyro Hypostasis, Nobushi, Kairagi, and Mirror Maiden.

The Pyro Hypostasis is a new boss akin to the Cryo Hypostasis in Dragonspine. Like other Hypostasis world bosses, the Pyro Hypostasis will perpetually regenerate HP when it is Ignited, requiring players to extinguish it with an element such as Hydro. The Pyro Hypostasis will try to put itself back into Ignited mode, so players have to stop it from doing so.

The Nobushi, Kairagi, and Mirror Maiden enemies are Inazuma versions of familiar faces that are already wandering around Teyvat. The Nobushi are fallen samurai who are similar to Treasure Hoarders. They are usually in groups, and while some prefer melee combat others throw elemental weapons at the player. The Kairagi are similar to Fatui fighters in that they are more powerful fighters who can use elemental attacks. Meanwhile, the Mirror Maiden is a Hydro version of the Fatui mages. Lastly, a lot of the Hilichurl enemies will exhibit Electro properties, which is suitable for the region.

Inazuma will launch in Genshin Impact Version 2.0 from July 21, 2021, which will also be when Kamisato Ayaka’s banner starts. Version 2.0 will also include the gardening feature. Genshin Impact is readily available worldwide on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, and mobile devices.

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