New Legend of Mana Anime Trailer Shows Off Its Characters

New Legend of Mana Anime Video Shows Off Its Characters

There’s a new Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal anime trailer, and this video shows off its cast of characters and pins down a release window. While it previously had a tentative 2022 window, it is now confirmed to appear in October 2022. The new footage also shows off many familiar faces. Even though this story will follow the male version of the avatar, named Shiloh, and its Jumi arc, other people will appear too.

Of course, Elazul and Pearl feature prominently in the video. Elazul is the Jumi Knight who journeys alongside Pearl to find other members of the Jumi. That’s a race of people who have a stone embedded into their chests tied to their health and well-being. We also see Shiloh talk about things with Lil’ Cactus, who then records it in a diary. Bud and Lisa appear and refer to Shiloh as their “master.” (In-game, they join after The Two Sorcerers event.) We also see Duelle and a Sproutling. At the very end, Seraphina, the female version of the protagonist, talking to a fairy. This teaser could mean another arc from the game may get an anime adaptation.

As a reminder, the last trailer for this adaptation appeared back in April 2022.

The Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal anime will air in October 2022.

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