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New Melty Blood Type Lumina DLC Adds Powered Ciel, Mario

Melty Blood DLC

Melty Blood Type Lumina is getting two more DLC characters in accordance with Type-Moon Games’ announced plan. The latest batch consists of Powered Ciel, a returning character from previous Melty Blood titles and Mario Gallo Bestino, a new fighter also seen in Tsukihime Remake. The announcement comes courtesy of an announcement released alongside the first official tournament stream. Type-Moon Games also uploaded Battle Preview trailers for the new characters. Both join the roster for free on April 14, 2022.

Check out Powered Ciel’s debut in Melty Blood Type Lumina DLC preview below.

Powered Ciel, also known as “Fully Armed Ciel,” is the character when she’s ready to go to war as a member of the Burial Agency. Discarding her church vestments for a combat outfit, she also trades her black keys for a set of heavy weapons, including rifles, wing-shaped chain-swords, and her signature Seventh Holy Scripture weapon. The Seventh Holy Scripture is a sanctified pile bunker that usually only appears when regular Ciel uses her Arc Drive attack.

In previous Melty Blood releases, Powered Ciel was a character with strong setplay offset by a lumbering gait and slow movement. As part of Melty Blood Type Lumina‘s DLC, she’s gained moves that grant her “Super Armor,” a quality that allows her to ignore the knockback and flinching effects usually associated with taking damage. She’s also gained guard-piercing attacks and the tools bust through an opponent’s defenses.

Check out Mario Gallo Bestino’s battle preview below.

Mario is a new character added to Tsukihime Remake and is associated with the Holy Church. Mario is assigned to Japan as an Acting Prelate, placing him in a position of authority over other Church-affiliated characters like Ciel and Noel. Known as “The Puppeteer”, he’s known for his sadistic and arrogant personality, and his ruthless use of subordinates to accomplish the goals of the Church – and of Mario himself.

Like his namesake, Mario fights using his string-festooned “Piano Machine” gloves. He summons minions to the battlefield to control a large area and launch attacks from unexpected angles. His Arc Drive move even involves him summoning Noel herself to deliver the coup de grace.

Melty Blood Type Lumina is available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The new DLC fighters become available for free on April 14, 2022.

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