Metal Gear Solid Merch Vinyl Collection
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New Metal Gear Solid Merchandise Includes Vinyl Soundtrack Collection

Konami announced new Metal Gear Solid merchandise, including a new vinyl collection featuring soundtrack songs from across the series. The new items came up during Konami’s Metal Gear Production Hotline stream, alongside news about the upcoming remake.

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The main announcement when it came to new merchandise was the reveal of Metal Gear Solid: The Vinyl Collection, in partnership with Laced Records. This six-disc collection features 53 soundtrack songs from the Metal Gear Solid series, along with a collection of official arrangements. These tracks include a range of themes, from the original Metal Gear all the way to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. This collection is available to pre-order now from Laced Records and the Konami Shop, with each store offering exclusive colored discs. The collection will cost $130 from Laced Records and $139.99 from the Konami Shop.

In addition, a smaller collection, Metal Gear Solid: Vinyl Selections, will release alongside it. This is a 2-disc set featuring only 18 tracks. This is also available to pre-order and will cost $38 from Laced Records and $49.99 from the Konami Shop.

In addition, other new Metal Gear Solid merchandise will be coming to Japanese arcades as prizes. These include:

  • Cushions and floor mats in the shape of the FOX and FOXHOUND insignias.
  • Tumblers featuring designs of the TX-55 Metal Gear, Metal Gear REX, Metal Gear RAY and the Shagohod, accompanied by designs of Snake and Raiden from their respective games.
  • A Buruburu Sneaking Plushie featuring two designs of the iconic cardboard box, featuring a drawstring that causes it to jiggle forwards.

There is currently no news about whether or not these items will be released in other regions.

Other merchandise on the way includes the contents of the Metal Gear Solid Delta Collector’s Edition, which includes a terrarium featuring Naked Snake in the jungle.

The Metal Gear Solid: The Vinyl Collection is available to pre-order now from Laced Records and the Konami Shop.

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