miCapcom unveiled a new weapon for Monster Hunter 4 called the Misaomushi Cane. This weapon lets players control "hunting insects," highly mobile drones that can jump and reach areas above the player. What makes the hunting insects unique is they can extract energy from a monster and bring it back to your character as a power up.


The power up changes depending on the extract’s color. White increases speed, red increases attack, green increases health, and orange boosts defense.


Famitsu also highlighted some new actions in Monster Hunter 4. Your two Felyne partners can team up for a combination attack. A cat fire skill was shown in the magazine. When there’s a difference in height you can jump using the slide pad and attack monsters when you are in mid-air. Or you can pull a Dragon’s Dogma and jump onto a monster. Monsters will try to shake you off so you have to press the R button to cling on. While you’re hanging on for dear life you can stab the monster with a knife and after enough damage you can injure the monster so it falls from the sky.


A new monster called Goa Magara was also revealed and it will have a big impact on the Monster Hunter 4’s story. Famitsu says we’ll have to wait for another report about this.

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