Wondering what Super Dimension Game Neptune looks like in motion? Wonder no more. This trailer shows battles, dungeons, the Compile Heart mascot Compa ringing a little bell.



Did you catch Alex Kidd and Shinobi? Those are some of the Sega cameos built in the game. Neptune can call them in battle with the game disc system.


Want to add Prinny, Sonic or Mario in the game? You can with the power of the PlayStation 3’s photo album and Neptune’s edit mode. Here’s how it works.


Step 1: Pull a picture from your PlayStation 3’s photo album into the image edit menu. This the picture into a skill.



Step 2: Set “Neptune”, the newly created original skill, on your character’s combo tree. The number of hits, attribute (presumably element), and AP cost appears to vary for custom skills.



Step 3: Use “Neptune” in battle!


Repeat to add *insert favorite character or real life person* into Super Dimension Game Neptune and the video game universe.

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