A New Neptunia Project Is In The Works And It Will Surpass Your Expectations By 1,000%



Neptunia series producer Norihisa Kochiwa was recently promoted to president of Compile Heart, and he had some exciting news to share with fans of the series on what’s to come. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


Here are a few highlights from Kochiwa-san’s recent talk:

  • About 90% of Compile Heart’s game logos are designed by Kochiwa.


  • The company will focus on PS4 developments, but they’ll also like to do some work on mobile games for the fans.


  • A new Neptunia project is in the works and it will surpass everyone’s expectations by 1,000%. Your expectations won’t be betrayed!


  • LINE stamps are also in the works.


  • Original titles are in the works, including one that’s completely different from the usual Compile Heart games. It has visuals with a sense of legacy, sorrowful music, and is a different kind of RPG.



  • Kochiwa really wants to show off a new app that makes Osamu Tezuka’s characters into heroines.


  • Compile Heart is recruiting year-round, so those with talent and knowledge with zero experience can still be recruited.


  • The company has a system where those who are still in training will immediately join in on the development line so they can start their studies right away.
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