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New Nintendo 3DS And New Nintendo 3DS XL Announced, Are More Powerful



In this morning’s Nintendo 3DS Direct, they revealed the latest models of the Nintendo 3DS with the New Nintendo 3DS XL (LL in Japan) and New Nintendo 3DS.


The New 3DS has screen size that is 1.2 times larger than the regular 3DS, with new colorful buttons based off the Super Famicom controllers.



Meanwhile, Nintendo have also added a small joystick on the right-side, that is based off the Gamecube’s C-stick, which will come in handy for games like Smash Bros. and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.


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The ZR and ZL buttons that are on the Circle Pad Pro are also included in the new 3DS series, in addition to newer brightness adjustments, and improved 3D viewing angles.


New Nintendo 3DS will also use Micro-SD cards as well, along with a new feature that will make it easier to transfer media files to and from PCs. It’ll also have an improved browser that’ll make things easier to browse the internet, along with user filters for the younger fans.


The CPU is getting powered up, and downloading software will also be faster than ever, and past software will all still be available to play on the new models.


The price will go for 16,000 yen for the New Nintendo 3DS, 18,800 yen for the New Nintendo 3DS XL, when it gets released on October 11, 2014 in Japan.


It was also noted that the New Nintendo 3DS models aren’t expected to be released in North America or Europe within the year.

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