New Nippon Ichi Game’s Site Shows a Mouse Being Experimented on

Nippon Ichi

Following yesterday’s livestream featuring a hamster in its cage, it turns out that Nippon Ichi’s unannounced game title will involve a trapped rodent, in particular, a mouse. The company has opened up a teaser site for the game. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

The full image shows a cartoon-style mouse or rat pinned onto a board on a table, surrounded by unknown chemicals and medicine. The rodent is tagged on its ear and seems to have some sort of mutated right hand. Also of note is the crackling static in the background. According to Nippon Ichi, the site will be updated every day for the next few days, and we’ll get to see what happens to the mouse by the end.

While Nippon Ichi’s games have had many different artstyles, this seems to be the first one that seems to be more cartoon-inspired. However, the background seems to be more realistic-looking, so it might be too early to determine if this is a completely new IP from the company just from the look of the mouse. Many of Nippon Ichi’s protagonists have been involved in research and experiments, after all.

The new Nippon Ichi title will be revealed over the next few days.

Alistair Wong
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