New PlayStation Vita 2000 Adjusts Button Pressures “Slightly”



In an interview with Dengeki after Monday’s Sony press conference in Japan, Sony’s Japan President Kawano Hiroshi told the magazine that as part of the revamp, the face buttons for the Vita 2000 have been changed “slightly”. The rounder buttons change the amount of pressure needed to depress them—something Kawano claimed customers had voiced concerns about with the original Vita.


While it’s been previously reported that some touch-based Vita games will be unplayable on Vita TV, Kawano also mentioned that it would be possible to remap such controls to the PlayStation Dualshock controllers for “some” titles, with official help on how to do so listed on websites in the future.


Kawano agreed, however, that not all titles will be playable in this way.


He also further clarified that the Vita TV is running on Vita’s chipset, and the concept for it came about from wanting to have more people enjoy the PlayStation’s backlog of Vita and PlayStation Portable titles while remaining cheap and affordable.