Pokemon summer merchandise inspired by Kitakami village
Image courtesy of The Pokemon Company

New Pokemon Goods Lineup Will Be Based on Kitakami Village

The Pokemon Company has revealed a new extensive Pokemon merchandise lineup inspired by the Kitakami Village. It will actually release the items in its Japanese physical and online Pokemon Center outlets in early July 2024. That will be around the time Japan is preparing for summer festivals across the country.

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The new collection will be mostly based on the Japanese-themed Kitakami Village that appeared in The Teal Mask DLC for the Nintendo Switch games Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The items will also primarily feature the following five Pokemon: Poliwag, Vulpix, Dipplin, Pecharunt, and Ogerpon.

Here is the complete list of items in the collection, along with their prices in Japanese yen:

  • Set of yukata and obi sash – ¥15,400
  • Aloha shirt – ¥4,950 (available in 2 design types and 2 sizes)
  • Broad-brimmed hat – ¥3,300
  • Baseball cap – ¥2,750
  • One-handed bag – ¥3,080
  • Body bag – ¥3,080
  • Attachable glasses case – ¥1,980 (available in 2 design types)
  • Ogerpon hairpin – ¥3,300
  • Earrings – ¥1,210 (available in 5 design types and 2 variants – regular or pierced)
  • Ribbon scrunchie – ¥1,320 (available in 2 design types)
  • Glass cup – ¥1,430
  • Glass bowl – ¥2,860
  • Mamesara plate – ¥3,300 for a set of 4
  • Teacup – ¥1,650
  • A4-sized clear file – ¥451 (available in 2 design types)
  • B6-sized ringed notebook – ¥880 (available in 2 design types)
  • Transparent sticky note – ¥660 (available in 2 design types)
  • Gift envelope – ¥440 for a set of 3 (available in 2 design types)
  • Assorted stickers – ¥550 (available in 2 design types)
  • Masking tape – ¥660 for a set of 2
  • Ogerpon paper clip – ¥990
  • Hand towel – ¥660
  • Snack can – ¥1,296 (available in 2 design types)

The Kitakami Village-themed Pokemon summer festival items will be available in the Japanese Pokemon Center Online store on July 4, 2024. The items will also appear in physical Pokemon Center outlets across Japan on July 6, 2024.

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