New Pokemon Variety Show PokeDoko Will Focus on Travels

Pikachu car in new Japanese reality show Pokemon to Doko Iku PokeDoko

A new Pokemon variety show will appear on Japanese television. TV Tokyo has revealed Pokemon to Doko Iku!? as a new television show that will start airing in Japan in April 2022. The new program will also be known with its abbreviated title PokeDoko.

PokeDoko will have a focus on travels related to the Pokemon franchise. According to the show’s description, the hosts will travel to meet Pokemon fans all around the world. The program will also feature a uniquely-shaped car modeled after Pikachu.

Shoko Nakagawa, who has regularly attended prior Pokemon variety shows, will return to PokeDoko as a navigator. She will accompany the leading host Ryogo Matsumaru and the car driver Abareru-kun. The show will also feature one more popular Japanese female celebrity. TV Tokyo will reveal the latter’s identity at a later date.

Pokemon to Doko Iku!? will replace Pokemon no Uchi Atsumaru? (also known as Pokenchi). The previous show has been airing since October 2015, but the current format will end in March 2022. PokeDoko will be the latest iteration of Japanese Pokemon variety shows that have been airing every Sunday morning. The first show, Pokemon Sunday, launched in October 2004.

The first episode of Pokemon to Doko Iku!? will air on TV Tokyo and other related channels on Japanese television on April 3, 2022. In the meantime, the Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel had uploaded the full version of “A Ripple in Time,” a short animation made in collaboration with Daniel Arsham. The latter is immediately available to watch worldwide.

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